David Wike

The Scenic Route to Bromsgrove Speakers Club

After many years of delivering business presentations in the corporate world, David joined Stourbridge Speakers Club in 2007 to further develop his speaking skills. He was awarded his Masterpiece speaker’s certificate in 2010 and his Advanced speaking award in 2012. He held a number of roles with the Stourbridge club including communications officer, education officer and vice-president.

For several years until helping to set up Bromsgrove Speakers Club, David ran commercial public speaking workshops and one-to-one coaching for business people under the Successful Speaking banner.

He is experienced at evaluating and coaching speakers and also acts as a judge in speaking competitions. He has delivered public speaking coaching to Sixth Form students as well as occasionally helping to coach prospective politicians.

David was co-founder of Bromsgrove Speakers Club where he was the first club president and is now education officer. He is also West Midlands Area president of the national Association of Speakers Clubs.

Since leaving the corporate world, David had also qualified as a business trainer, and as a voluntary business mentor for The Prince’s Trust and had run business enterprise days in schools.